Making Sustainability Cool

I tend go back and forth between wanting to fit in and wanting to not fit in. At first, it may sound odd that someone would want to be a misfit, but hear me out. You see, humans have always wanted to find a common bond with one another. We're social creatures; [...]

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My Front Yard Apple Guilds

While I have been reading since my last post, the bulk of that passed time was spent researching and organizing plants and designing the apple guilds I'll be planting this spring. Permaculture design requires a lot of forethought and planning. Designing my guilds involved only a small portion of what [...]

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The One-Straw Revolution: Part Two, The Four Principles

The Four Principles In part two, Masanobu Fukuoka discusses his four principles for successful natural farming. The four principles are simple and indeed seem to propose a less labor-intensive method of producing food. Here I'll discuss each of the principles while adding my own elaboration. No Cultivation Throughout my life, I've [...]

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