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Multi-use Clothing: The Turkish Towel

I’ve been loving multi-use clothing and accessories lately. And why not? Own fewer items, spend less money, less clutter, and fewer decisions to make. It’s very freeing. Let’s talk about the Turkish Towel.

I purchased this Riviera Towel Company towel from Amazon, but their website has even more options.

“Santa Barbara-based, Riviera Towel Company was founded to inspire others to give back more than they take out of life. Proceeds from of every sale are donated to help impact positive change.”

When there are a lot of choices out there, it always makes it easier to choose when one of the companies is giving back. The towel I received appears to be very high quality as well. I definitely recommend this company.

Here are all the ways I have used or plan to use this towel:

    • Beach Towel – This towel is so thin it takes up hardly any room in your bag or around your neck. It’s made from cotton, so it is plenty absorbent, but it is so much more manageable when it’s not so thick and bulky like ordinary terrycloth towels. Good for drying off and lying on at the beach or anywhere.
    • Ground Blanket/Tablecloth – For times when you don’t want to sit on the ground, this towel is large enough to lay on the ground and sit/lie on. You could also spread it on the ground or a table and place your food on it.
    • Dog Car Barrier – I have tucked this into the back of the headrests of the middle bucket seats of our Mazda5 to section off the back and keep our dog in the back when she’s wet and/or muddy.
    • Scarf – Wear it all the ways you wear a scarf — also a great way to extend use of this item to all seasons.
    • Head wrap/sun shade – Cover your head and shoulders to protect them from the hot sun. I’ve also used it at a beach where there was a serious little fly problem, wrapping it around my head to keep the flies off.
    • Shawl – I used this to keep warm in a restaurant. Great for super hot summer days when you don’t want to wear a ton of clothes but businesses keep it like 60 degrees inside.
    • Sarong/Dress/Skirt – There are a couple examples in my video. There are so many options if you use your imagination.

    • Bag – Made an impromptu trip to the store without your grocery bags? Suddenly have stuff to carry and no bag? Tie the corners together, connecting the long sides. As you can see in the video, you can hold a lot of stuff in there.

    • Baby wrap – This towel has a nice strong weave; I would totally use it as a backup short baby wrap. I don’t have anymore babies (whew!), but I can still use it to make piggy back rides a little easier.

I will probably be buying a couple more of these. At least one for each of the kids, and maybe even one to just keep in the car. This is one versatile piece of fabric!