The Uncouth Truth: Poop and Peace

Image credit: Growing up, I never thought twice about the sustainability of our bathroom habits. Why should I have? Everyone else did the same thing. I mean, we all do it this way because the best way has evolved out of hundreds of years of trial and error, [...]

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Skills We Really Need

Not too long ago, my son's school sent us a survey. One question asked how well we feel the school is preparing the children for the future. This is a difficult question. At first glance, we see the future as a more technologically advanced version of today with not much [...]

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Sustainable Eating

If you want to make a huge difference in your environmental impact, a good place to start is being responsible for what goes in your mouth. I don't have all the scary facts, and I don't intend to include much of them here, but I do encourage you to research [...]

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My Front Yard Apple Guilds

While I have been reading since my last post, the bulk of that passed time was spent researching and organizing plants and designing the apple guilds I'll be planting this spring. Permaculture design requires a lot of forethought and planning. Designing my guilds involved only a small portion of what [...]

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The One-Straw Revolution: Part Two, The Four Principles

The Four Principles In part two, Masanobu Fukuoka discusses his four principles for successful natural farming. The four principles are simple and indeed seem to propose a less labor-intensive method of producing food. Here I'll discuss each of the principles while adding my own elaboration. No Cultivation Throughout my life, I've [...]

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What should you do with your old smartphone? Save the rain forests of course!

About a year ago, we decided that my then current smartphone was no longer worth using as a phone. Frankly, I was afraid that if I needed to dial 911, I wouldn't be able to. So I got a new phone for my birthday, and hubby decided that he would [...]

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My New Obsession, Permaculture

I'm sure no one is keeping track, but my blogs have become quite sporadic of late. The lack of writing is certainly not without reason, though. I've been studying. And planning. In this post, I talked about how I want to change the world. I don't want to change the [...]

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Choose to Enjoy It

I am extremely lucky to be vacationing in the Black Hills this week, but perhaps even luckier to have found a gem of wisdom while here. Yesterday morning, my husband and I were outside the hotel with Forrest. Something about having a baby seems to open up conversation with about [...]

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Cleaning a Bathroom the Easy Way (and without chemicals)

My working past is rich in cleaning experience. None of it until the past few years was without toxic chemicals, but I did learn some fun techniques that still make things easier. The bathroom is my least-deplored room in the house to clean, maybe because I don't have to vacuum it. [...]

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An Anniversary Shoutout

Tomorrow will mark two years since my husband and I traveled to the beautiful state of Hawaii and joined each other’s hands in marriage; and instead of writing a personal letter this year, I decided it would be more fun to shout it from a virtual mountain top. Husband, you [...]

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