The Lie We Tell Ourselves About Fast Metabolism

People talk about fast metabolism like it’s a gift given to skinny people. I think it’s assumed that if you have a slow metabolism, then you’re doomed to be overweight and if you have a fast metabolism, then you’re gifted with a perfect body while eating pizza and Cadbury eggs to [...]

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Winter Running for Those Who Run Cold

I live in South Dakota, and I hate cold. I fell in love with running a few years ago, but I always stopped in the fall and didn't start up again until late spring. I don't like cold air touching my skin or breeze chilling my sweat. It is miserable to me. In [...]

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What if You’re Not Sad that Your Child Has Started School?

I’ve been waiting (longing) for this day since we made the decision. Both my boys are amazing, smart, wonderful people, and I love them both from the bottom of my heart. They are also very different people. Dylan was always very easygoing and happy. Forrest required much more of me; he [...]

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Multi-use Clothing: The Turkish Towel

I've been loving multi-use clothing and accessories lately. And why not? Own fewer items, spend less money, less clutter, and fewer decisions to make. It's very freeing. Let's talk about the Turkish Towel. I purchased this Riviera Towel Company towel from Amazon, but their website has even more options. "Santa Barbara-based, [...]

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27: If you believe strongly enough

I decided in my mid 20’s, while finishing my undergraduate late as single mother, to move to my current city because I thought I’d be better able to find a job in my degree. I started dating and became engaged to a boy who lived here, and when I graduated I [...]

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Is college still a must for kids in today’s world? Or are we starting to drift away from it?

Honestly I think it still just depends. It depends on a lot of things. It always has, but one huge factor that has changed the game is the internet and the vast amount of information that can be extracted from it. From the internet you have access to purchase any nonfiction [...]

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What if you’re in your 30’s and haven’t found the right career?

Recently, a fellow group member asked this question: "Raise your hand if you're 30 (or in your 30s) and not yet in your right career, financially unstable, or generally feeling like you haven't found the right track yet for where you wanna go and who you're supposed to be? I felt like [...]

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Tackle Mini Goals in 5 Minutes a Day, Plus Push-up Mini Goal Plan

Do you have mini goals? Mini goals are small goals that build up to the accomplishment of larger goals. Mini goals are great because they help you feel more accomplished. People tend to want results immediately, and when that doesn’t happen, they often get discouraged, sometimes quitting altogether. But when we [...]

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Choose your Suffering

There was once a miser who lived alone aside from some servants and a dog, whom he hadn’t bothered to name, in a large draughty mansion. He had no friends and had never even given anyone a present. He spent his days alone counting and recounting his money, never leaving his [...]

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4 Examples of the Power of the Breath

We all know how important breathing is. It's so important, it's an involuntary action of our bodies, carried out without having to think about it. Our body just does it, because if we stopped breathing long enough, we'd die. Since our body does it involuntarily, we often just forget about it, [...]

Full-Time Parents Accomplishing Goals: A Solution

EDIT: This group is now in operation. Please visit the Parents Accomplishing Goals (PAG) Cooperative website to learn more. I am in the process of creating a group that will allow full-time parents to accomplish other goals. These goals could be things like professional work, volunteering, studying, and starting a business. I am a [...]

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Whole Systems Design Permaculture Design Course Review

This summer I attended a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at Whole Systems Design in Richmond, Vermont, from July 10, though July 19, 2015. The PDC was tought by a team of permaculture professionals including Ben Falk of Whole Systems Design, Mark Krawczyk of Keyline Vermont, Sean Dembrosky of Edible Acres, and Mark Angelini of [...]

The “Weeds” in My Yard – A Response to Questions

A great benefit of transforming my suburban-type yard from an unsustainable lawn to a sustainable ecosystem is setting an example. I can use the process of  transformation to inform neighbors, who undoubtedly have many opinions and questions. I've been getting a few general questions since I started the process, but yesterday I [...]

Making Sustainability Cool

I tend go back and forth between wanting to fit in and wanting to not fit in. At first, it may sound odd that someone would want to be a misfit, but hear me out. You see, humans have always wanted to find a common bond with one another. We're social creatures; it's [...]

A School Food Forest

I have a crazy idea. It would be a ton of work and require a ton of collaboration and generosity from others. It would be a lifetime commitment and beyond. It would also provide extensive benefits to thousands of local children and even help to save the planet. There is a [...]

The Uncouth Truth: Poop and Peace

Image credit: http://images.sodahead.com/polls/004045829/372666676_Cute_Picture_64_answer_3_xlarge.jpeg Growing up, I never thought twice about the sustainability of our bathroom habits. Why should I have? Everyone else did the same thing. I mean, we all do it this way because the best way has evolved out of hundreds of years of trial and error, right? [...]

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Skills We Really Need

Not too long ago, my son's school sent us a survey. One question asked how well we feel the school is preparing the children for the future. This is a difficult question. At first glance, we see the future as a more technologically advanced version of today with not much changing [...]

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Plant List for a Beautiful Apple Tree Guild

As stated in the post introducing the design of my front yard guilds, I had very specific requirements when choosing a plant list. If you haven't read it yet, check it out here. So here's my plant list along with the traits and uses that I personally found to be beneficial to [...]

My Front Yard Apple Guilds

While I have been reading since my last post, the bulk of that passed time was spent researching and organizing plants and designing the apple guilds I'll be planting this spring. Permaculture design requires a lot of forethought and planning. Designing my guilds involved only a small portion of what is [...]

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