Dreams. I never really had them until now. It was always, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The question was always based on an occupation. A job. Like that was my only option. I never knew what I wanted to be, what job I wanted to acquire, because I never wanted a job. I still don’t.

I want to change the world. I don’t want to go somewhere every day, perform tasks, make money, and spend it. Well, most people probably don’t. But most people do want and need stability. But I like change, and I like instability, and I like risk.

I want to take life by the handlebars and steer — steer it straight uphill, swerve through obstacles, sweat, breathe hard. Only, in my dream, there is no top of the hill. There is no downhill.

Because in my dream, I’ve been put here to do something, make a difference, change things. In this short life I’ve been given, I’ll help people, I’ll help the animals, I’ll help the Earth.

I’ll write books. I’ll speak. I’ll volunteer, donate, inform, teach, and love. I’ll love, and love, and love, and love, until the day I die.

I will never stop. I will keep trying, keep sweating, keep striving, devoting, giving until the last day of my life. There is no retirement in my dream. I’m going to pound the ground and create a ripple that never ceases.

In my dream, that ripple will become a tidal wave, a tsunami of love, wisdom, generosity, strength, courage, determination. These are the things that will change the world.

This is me. One hundred percent dedicated to quality of life on this planet.

My mission: change the world. My tools: compassion, generosity, and permaculture.

Let’s do this.

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